Week Checklist

Action Steps:

  1. Update Virtue per Month
  2. Update 3 month goals as appropriate
  3. Record habits in excel sheet

My weekly checklist is my most used checklist and it is always on my person. There are three different sections to this checklist:

  1. Virtue
  2. Habits
  3. 3 Month Goal

Virtue: Follows the monthly theme of Daily Stoic, a collection of philosophy prompts written by Ryan Holiday.

I reserve the first virtue for this monthly theme. The following virtues vary but usually reflect a virtue I choose based on whatever is going on in life at that time; a virtue I need to strengthen.

Habits: A long life is made up of a series of days and the day is the metric I set my focus on. Long term vision is important but attention to the day is what allows you to accomplish that vision. These are the habits I focus on. I call them “essentials” because success with these leads to success in other areas of my life. I don’t change my habits very often and when I do take on a project; I have a specific area for habits related to projects. Important note with my habits, they are always on my person and I check them off as I go. I record them in a large excel file to measure change month to month.

3 Month Goal: This has taken different forms but I have had success recently when focusing on roles in my life. These three categories are important to me as a man and I set a goal for myself in all three of these areas: Fitness, Sheepdog, and Professional. This keeps me growing and guides my reading lists or hobbies as I have a theme to focus on. My 3 month goals stem from my yearly annual review and at the weekly level via this checklist for example, I break down the goal into actionable steps. On the day I plan my week, I review my goals and my location in regards to my long term vision and update my checklists when necessary.

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