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Below is some advice related to a common phase in life which I have dubbed “Changing Chapters”. This phase is characterized by any major change; change in status, a big move, or a career change. The phase that follows any of these changes is a time of growth, development, and maturity; if you let it.  “Changing Chapters” is my way of shifting your mentality and perspective regarding the changes in your life… Read More

Commonplace Book entry for Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz

Title: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Author: Dweck, Carol Genre: Psychology Category: Mindset, Psychology, Growth Mindset, Practical Psychology Summary: I’ve been stuck before. A deadline is approaching and I feel like I should give up or I received a bad test grade on that Neuro exam and I feel completely defeated. It is times like these where a small voice in my head whispers, “You don’t belong here”, “You are not… Read More