Everyman's Epic


My hands ached from gripping the steering wheel so hard. Though we were driving 20 mph, I couldn’t spare a second to wring them out. Nor could I turn my head to see how my wife was faring. I feared she might be speaking to me though her voice was muffled by the general hum that emanated from our small rental car. With a pause in the bumping, I quickly turned and… Read More

After escaping the snowstorm and the threat of being trapped in the mountains, we headed west. The snow followed us for some time. Eventually we passed an unseen barrier and the familiar hue of the desert greeted us once more.  My wife and I looked at each other alongside the edge of an anomaly it seems in this part of the world, a river. Flowing slowly, we could not help but notice… Read More

It felt like we only had minutes before the snow was coming in. If I squinted my eyes, I thought I could see white starting to crest the San Juan mountains that surrounded us as we stood along Main Street in Telluride, Colorado.  I could see the worry in my wife’s eyes. I knew she was thinking about the weather forecast we had heard that morning; calling for 8-12 inches of snow…. Read More