Everyman's Epic


Field Notes Some notes from our Adventures and longer expeditions Glacier National Park – 2021 Yellowstone National Park – 2021 Zion National Park (Round 2) – 2020 Canyonlands National Park – 2020 Arches National Park – 2020 Black Canyon of the Gunnison – 2020 Mesa Verde National Park – 2020 Joshua Tree National Park – 2020 Olympic National Park – 2019 Zion National Park – 2019 Grand Canyon National Park – 2018… Read More

Who was the man? What had he said to the boy? The boy walked down the path, leaving the trees behind. An emerging sunlight still illuminated the tops of the trees ahead. Warm colors of red, yellow, and orange transformed a green canopy into a golden ceiling. The boy marveled at the sharp contrast the image before him made compared to the dull grey of his life before. He thought back to… Read More

“Midway along the journey of our life I woke to find myself in a dark wood, for I had wandered off from the straight path…” Dante Alighieri The boy had lead a shadow of a life. A life of sloth and idleness. No breeze ever shook his sails; caught in an everlasting doldrums. He wanted more but could never muster the momentum to get where he wanted to be. A life lived… Read More