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Title: The End of Night Author: Bogard, Paul Genre: Creative Nonfiction Category: Nature/Science, Conservation, Darkness Summary:  I flinch when I read the words “vanished” darkness as I have been fortunate to see truly dark skies in the American West and in other remote areas. Yet I understand what Paul Bogard professes when he says that the dark sky is “vanishing”. In his treatise aptly titled The End of Night, Bogard brings attention to the fact that… Read More

Field Notes Some notes from our Adventures and longer expeditions Glacier National Park – 2021 Yellowstone National Park – 2021 Zion National Park (Round 2) – 2020 Canyonlands National Park – 2020 Arches National Park – 2020 Black Canyon of the Gunnison – 2020 Mesa Verde National Park – 2020 Joshua Tree National Park – 2020 Olympic National Park – 2019 Zion National Park – 2019 Grand Canyon National Park – 2018… Read More

What makes this totem special? By itself, the totem was nothing. Neither an ancient relic, nor a divine tool. Like before, the boy searched for the tutor for guidance but remembered he was on his own. The totem and the significance of it rested on him. What could make this significant? How could I make this strengthen me in times of trial? The mountain trail extended in front of the boy. He… Read More

Fire burned in the boy’s eyes as he descended the mountain path. The Tutor had mentioned an item, an item that would protect the boy in times of trial. This item is what the boy was searching for now. But alas, the boy sought and sought to no avail and the boy began to lose hope. With his hopelessness came fear and with fear apathy. Soon the boy stopped in his tracks… Read More