Everyman's Epic


Title: Four Thousand Weeks – Time Management for Mortals Author: Burkeman, Oliver Genre: Practical Nonfiction Category: Time Management, Memento Mori, Values Summary: Why does the achievement that follows busyness and hustle fade so quickly? Why is it so unfulfilling? Inevitably, the to do list fills up again, there is a new project, or a new goal. Do we strap on our boot straps and hit the gas pedal again – hustle till… Read More

Title: Wintering – The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times Author: May, Katherine Genre: Nonfiction Category: Rest, Recovery, Mental Health, Depression, Nature Summary: It is a lie to ignore Winter and not to recognize it as a natural season in Nature and in our lives. Modern day disorders like depression or anxiety, even the sequelae of burnout following hustle culture, likely are related to an unnatural resistance to this season…. Read More

Title: The Practice of Groundedness Author: Stulberg, Brad Genre: Practical Nonfiction Category: Fundamentals, Habits, Work Philosophy, Values, Organization Summary: In the past, I have let myself get overwhelmed and paralyzed, in a sense, regarding habits and projects. Analysis Paralysis or the Paradox of Choice. I never had the vocabulary to describe and articulate these frenetic feelings I have had around work until I read The Practice of Groundedness. I always felt an urgency and… Read More

Title: The End of Night Author: Bogard, Paul Genre: Creative Nonfiction Category: Nature/Science, Conservation, Darkness Summary:  I flinch when I read the words “vanished” darkness as I have been fortunate to see truly dark skies in the American West and in other remote areas. Yet I understand what Paul Bogard professes when he says that the dark sky is “vanishing”. In his treatise aptly titled The End of Night, Bogard brings attention to the fact that… Read More