Hello there, welcome to my site!

As the name implies – my site is anonymous. This is for two reasons: 1. I can write to my hearts content without ego or bias (in theory) and 2. you can read my thoughts without a stigma or bias. We are perfect strangers!

Now, thank you for visiting – how to proceed. As an outlet, I am currently synthesizing my thoughts about my personal epic. Maybe this will resonate with others as it is not impossible that we have experienced similar adventures, thoughts, feelings, etc. The site also serves as a home for unqaulified advice and suggestions. You can navigate my site through the drop down menu in the banner.

I cringe when I read personal blogs that are self-promoting and financially minded. In anonymity, it’s possible that I could help others due to this lack of self-promoting flair.

I am curious as to what this site will become. As I mentioned before, this is my outlet and I am happy that you have joined me on this journey.