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    • Changing Chapters

      Below is some advice related to a common phase in life which I have dubbed “Changing Chapters”. This phase is characterized by any major change; change in status, a big move, or a career change. The phase that follows any of these changes is a time of growth, development, and maturity; if you let it. … Read more

    • Being Wrong – Schulz

      Commonplace Book entry for Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz Read more

    • Mindset – Dweck

      Title: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Author: Dweck, Carol Genre: Psychology Category: Mindset, Psychology, Growth Mindset, Practical Psychology Summary: I’ve been stuck before. A deadline is approaching and I feel like I should give up or I received a bad test grade on that Neuro exam and I feel completely defeated. It is times… Read more

    • Mastermind – Konnikova

      Title: Mastermind – How To Think Like Sherlock HolmesAuthor: Konnikova, MariaGenre: DevelopmentCategory: Thinking, Metacognition, Deduction, Mindfulness, Practical Psychology, Clinical Reasoning No one is more recognizable than the legendary character crafted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Sherlock Holmes. Renowned for his intellect and deductive ability, Sherlock Holmes has always stood out to be an icon in… Read more

    • Diving Deep

      Let this serve as a reminder for myself to fill “the unforgiving minute” with sixty seconds worth of distance run. Diving Deep means layering my experiences, learning deeply about topics, and researching things and places I wish to explore. Chronicling this experiment could help others but personally it will reinforce my decisions and galvanize me… Read more

    • Adventures

      Field Notes Some notes from our Adventures and longer expeditions Glacier National Park – 2021 Yellowstone National Park – 2021 Zion National Park (Round 2) – 2020 Canyonlands National Park – 2020 Arches National Park – 2020 Black Canyon of the Gunnison – 2020 Mesa Verde National Park – 2020 Joshua Tree National Park –… Read more

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