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    • Landsford Canal State Park

      Trail: Landsford Canal Distance: 3.64 Miles Date: June 2021 Description: A nice level walk along the remains of a canal and it’s supplementary buildings. All in various levels of decay, however, the trail is well maintained and we saw little traffic. The Catawba river is not far throughout the hike and roughly 2/3rds along the… Read more

    • Telluride, CO – Honeymoon Part I

      It felt like we only had minutes before the snow was coming in. If I squinted my eyes, I thought I could see white starting to crest the San Juan mountains that surrounded us as we stood along Main Street in Telluride, Colorado.  I could see the worry in my wife’s eyes. I knew she… Read more

    • Originally from the plains of the American Midwest, I was galvanized at a young age to get out, explore, and find mountains. I have a passion for hiking, traveling, and learning about the history of the places I explore – sometimes I also write!  Why Miles to Mordor? Growing up, I saw my hometown as… Read more

    • The End of Night – Bogard

      Title: The End of Night Author: Bogard, Paul Genre: Creative Nonfiction Category: Nature/Science, Conservation, Darkness Summary:  I flinch when I read the words “vanished” darkness as I have been fortunate to see truly dark skies in the American West and in other remote areas. Yet I understand what Paul Bogard professes when he says that the dark sky is… Read more

    • Translation II: Obituary and Origin or “On the Shortness of Life”

      This is a “Translation” post used to illustrate and complement Epic entries. For a full list of the Epic, click here. To start at the beginning, click here. We return again to the wisdom of the Stoics and a complement to the previous translation; The Tutor or Choose Yourself a Cato. Rather than choosing a model on… Read more

    • Translation I: The Tutor or “Choose Yourself A Cato”

      This is a “Translation” post used to illustrate and complement Epic entries. For a full list of the Epic, click here. To start at the beginning, click here. The Tutor Ancient philosophers have long espoused the virtues of living a good life. The highest aim. Stoicism, a school of philosophy from the 3rd century BCE,… Read more

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