Landsford Canal State Park

Trail: Landsford Canal

Distance: 3.64 Miles

Date: June 2021

Description: A nice level walk along the remains of a canal and it’s supplementary buildings. All in various levels of decay, however, the trail is well maintained and we saw little traffic. The Catawba river is not far throughout the hike and roughly 2/3rds along the trails there is an observation deck to view the river and in early Summer the Spider Lilly’s are blooming. This section of the Catawba river hosts one of the largest remaining stands of Hymenocallis Coronaria or Shoals spider-Lilly.

The Canal was part of a larger inland navigation system to allow freight and traffic to use the water way from the up country to Charleston. It operated in the 1820’s until it was abandoned due to popularity of the railroad. Other canal’s in the system include Catawba Canal and Rocky Mount canal. These canal’s also were abandoned around the same time as Landsford Canal and today are largely submerged.

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