Telluride, CO – Honeymoon Part I

San Juan Mountains in Telluride, CO

It felt like we only had minutes before the snow was coming in. If I squinted my eyes, I thought I could see white starting to crest the San Juan mountains that surrounded us as we stood along Main Street in Telluride, Colorado. 

I could see the worry in my wife’s eyes. I knew she was thinking about the weather forecast we had heard that morning; calling for 8-12 inches of snow. A typical southerner, she grew up with little experience driving in snow or cold for that matter.

I looked down at my watch. 10:45. We were cutting it close. 

Breathing in, I took one last look at Main Street of this old ski town with a vanishing point disappearing into the mountains and we hopped into our rental.

Punching in our next destination into my GPS, I couldn’t help but feel my wife’s nervous energy and the apparent urgency of the moment. I smiled because next to us was the site of the old San Miguel Valley Bank, now The Mahr Building, the site of Butch Cassidy’s first bank robbery. As I eased out of the parking space, I couldn’t help but think we were leaving this town in a similar flight. 

As it would happen, this would not be the last time my wife and I crisscrossed the trail of Cassidy and company; what later in his career would be called the “Wild Bunch”. 

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