Diving Deep

Let this serve as a reminder for myself to fill “the unforgiving minute” with sixty seconds worth of distance run.

Diving Deep means layering my experiences, learning deeply about topics, and researching things and places I wish to explore. Chronicling this experiment could help others but personally it will reinforce my decisions and galvanize me to adhere to my own principles of living fully.

Now, how can I Dive Deep?

  • Where are you?
    • Can you read about your location’s history?
    • Is your family connected to it?
    • How was it formed?
  • Who am I?
    • Where are my people from?
    • How did they impact the land that I currently inhabit? The country I live in?

Sitting with simple questions like these can propel you to learn more, instantly. The knowledge gained is never wasted and will serve to add another layer to your experience.

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